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What is the address of the shop?
The online store is based in the Shippagan region of New Brunswick.

We also have a point of sale located inside the store “Les Cousines” in Shippagan:
226 Boulevard JD lower
Shippagan, NB
(Right door in the same building as the Guardian pharmacy)

For orders with the Shop pick-up option, we have a pick-up point in the Shippagan area; the exact address will be sent to you with pick-up instructions once your order is ready to pick up. Be sure to watch your unwanted emails!


What is FRIGG/BIBS pacifiers?
FRIGG lolliices are top-quality, minimalist Scandinavian look. They were created for the comfort of babies while keeping safety and quality in the foreground. They are currently manufactured in Denmark.

Why choose FRIGG/BIBS pacifier?
FRIGG pacifiers and BIBS are top quality pacifiers created for your baby's comfort. Their rounded shape with an outward curvature allows air to circulate protecting the delicate baby skin from moisture and the air holes ensure its safety.

FRIGG and BIBS lices are very pretty and come in a varied range of color, which can be arranged to all sets of your baby.
They are made with BPA-free, PVC-free and phtalate-free materials.

Choose between natural rubber or silicone pacifier (silicone pacifier available in BIBS brand only)
-A little more flexible
-Can wear faster; need to be replaced at 6-8 weeks or before if signs of breakage or wear
-Offers a feed more similar to breastfeeding than silicone
-Natural material, coloring may vary

-A little more rigid
-More durable than rubber; need to be replaced every 3 months
-DoS not absorb odours or tastes

How to maintain the lices?

Before first use, clean the soot by soaking in a container of boiling water for 3 minutes (Do not boil the soot in water directly on the stove and do not sterilize in the microwave or dishwasher).
Then, wash the sweat regularly in warm soapy water and rinse with running water.
Do not allow the suce to soak in boiling water after the first use.

After washing, it is possible that water seep into the teat through the ventilation hole. Just press the teat from the end to the base to bring out the water and then let it dry completely (with the teat vertically) before giving it back to the child

Avoid exposing rubber luices to direct sunlight and heat to avoid weakening the rubber.

Why is the nippet of the lug I just received/that I have for a short time fuzzy/has a powdered residue?
Natural rubber can produce a whitifully powdered residue over time. This can occur during storage even if the lice has never been used. The residue may be on the surface of the teat or inside it. If this happens, clean the lice well and bring water inside the teat by pressing it. Be sure to bring out all the water and let it dry. If the residue subsequently persists and the baby has been using this lice for a few weeks, it may be time to replace it!

The color of the rubber teat can also become darker over time as there are no chemicals or anti-oxidants in the rubber to prevent oxidation and color change. This is also the reason why the color/opacity of the rubber can vary from one pacifier to another since there are no products added to color the rubber of the same color.

My baby does not use his pacifier every day or uses it little. How to know that it's time to change it?
The recommendation is to change the pacieces that are used frequently every 4-6 weeks for rubber teat and every 3 months for those made of silicone.
If baby uses them little, here are the signs that the lolice should be changed:
-The teat looks bigger/the rubber has been expanding







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