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Zoom First Meal-Fye Set

First Meal-Fye Set

$36.00 CAD


Everything you will need for the introduction of baby food.

The set includes:
-A silicone bavette
-A silicone suction bowl
-A small silicone spoon

The silicone flank flank is really an essential for the first years of baby! The pouch in the bottom will pick up food that falls out of baby's mouth and save you a lot of time that you would have spent trying to remove stains from his clothes. In addition, they are easy to clean!

The silicone bowl is equipped with a suction base to prevent baby from throwing his meal on the floor. It also allows the bowl to stay in place for babies who eat alone, promoting autonomy. The rounded edge on one side of the bowl helps to take food with the spoon, also promoting the autonomy of the baby.

The silicone spoon is soft against sensitive baby gums. Bonus: The bowl and spoon can be put in the dishwasher!

First Meal-Fye Set

$36.00 CAD


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