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Zoom Organic Cotton Baby Cushion Cover - Birch

Organic Cotton Baby Cushion Cover - Birch

$75.00 CAD


Change the look of your cushion while protecting it and making it easy to clean with Snuggle Me covers

Compatible with Snuggle Me baby cushions

Snuggle Me covers are made of incredibly soft organic cotton. They are made in the USA and are certified organic.

Colouring matter:
The dyes used to tint Snuggle Me covers are certified organic, water-based, and free of animal or plant products.

Wash the cushion and covers in cold water by hand or in a gentle cycle machine with dye-free detergent. Because the covers contain water-based dyes, it is best to wash them individually to avoid color transfer to other fabrics in the load.
Washing machines with central agitator should be avoided for not damaging the cushion or covers.
Do not pour the detergent directly onto the cushion or cover; It is best to dilute the detergent with water before emptying it into the machine, or use the compartment for the detergent of modern washing machines. For best results, air dry your covers on a flat surface and then machine dry at low temperatures once the cover is simply wet.

*The heat will shrink the size of the cover since it is made of cotton. Please avoid washing/drying with hot water.

Organic Cotton Baby Cushion Cover - Birch

$75.00 CAD


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