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Zoom Parapipi-Peasable-Package of 5

Parapipi-Peasable-Package of 5

$12.00 CAD


Discover the Parapipi: a must to absorb baby's surprise pipes at change time!

Come in bunches of 5 small wee tipis, they simplify the lives of new parents.

Why get a little cloth teepey for the change?

Is it really useful to get Parapipi? We think so! Here's why.

Little Parapipi absorbs wonderfully!

If you have a baby boy, you know that sometimes a little draft is enough for your child to start watering everywhere!

By covering the penis by this small fabric cone as soon as the diaper opens, you will avoid being taken by surprise!

The Parapipi preserves the energy of new parents

As it prevents mom and dad from finding themselves soaked during a diaper change, the Parapipi greatly reduces the amount of washing to be done for new parents!

But, in addition to preserving the energy of tired parents, the Parapipi also makes it possible to make a gesture for the environment. In fact, washing a small Parapipi consumes much less water than washing a pique, mom-dad clothes or your child's pajamas... So you save energy-in both senses of the word!

It lasts a long time

Designed to accompany your child from 0 to 8 months, this small wee tieot will be used for a long time... And can even serve again when a little brother comes!

Wash the Parapipi

The Parapipi is very simple to wash. All it takes is a machine wash and dry with the other baby clothes… and voila!

Parapipi-Peasable-Package of 5

$12.00 CAD


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