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Zoom Reusable Water Balloons - Pack of 3

Reusable Water Balloons - Pack of 3

$13.00 CAD


The reusable water balloons you've probably seen on social media.

What could be better than a nice water balloon fight on a hot summer day?

Save money while being eco-friendly with reusable water balloons!
With a magnetic closure, these will close easily once filled with water and open when they come in contact with a surface or a person. In addition, they are made of soft silicone which will soften the impact compared to traditionnal water balloons.

Use them as a bath toy, in the pool, at the beach, or anywhere you want!

-Made from soft silicone for a softer impact
-Easy closure, even for toddlers
-Better alternative for the environment than latex balloons
-Add them to your summer activities to cool your little ones: baseball, golf, hockey, etc.

Pack of 3 balloons available in two different models
Hot Colors : Red, Orange and Yellow
Cold colors : Blue, Green and White

Reusable Water Balloons - Pack of 3

$13.00 CAD


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